St. Christopher, the first Caribbean island to be permanently settled by both the English and the French (who shared the island between 1627 and 1713 ), was a model and a springboard for English and French colonialism in the Caribbean and elsewhere.
'Press Release'
29 July 2015

Update on Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 16 July 2015

  • The Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the year May 2013 – April 2014 was convened at Matheson House, Headquarters of the Society on Thursday 16 July 2015.  The meeting was called to order by the President, Sir Probyn Inniss, at 4:30 pm.

  • Council had taken the decision in 2014 to lease the Commissariat Gift Shop to the Hurds, the owners and operators of Clay Villa.  The contract outlining the terms and conditions of this lease agreement is still to be completed by the Society’s legal counsel.
  • Matheson Trust: This trust named in honour of the Society’s late President Emeritus Mr. D.L. Matheson, was established to assist local writers and researchers.  For the period under review a disbursement of EC $5,000 was made to Ms. Heather Archibald, daughter of Washinton ‘Washie’ Archibald for her anthology of poems entitled “Home” .  The Trust balance on its Scotiabank account currently stands at EC $3,135.38 and at its FINCO account at EC $17,765.51.
  • The Taxi Lottery Incentive continues to attract wide participation from taxi operators.  Management is exploring avenues to make this incentive even more attractive.
  • Council approved a proposal from Management to revamp the membership structure with the aim of increasing membership, especially student and corporate membership.  The category of Student Member has been restructured from a single category paying an annual subscription of EC $10.00 into three tiers: Junior Cadet (ages 6-12, annual subscription EC $5.00), Senior Cadet (ages 13-19, annual subscription EC $10.00) and Lieutenant (university students, annual subscription EC $30.00).

    Corporate Member has been restructured from a single category paying an annual membership of EC $500.00 into three tiers targeting varying corporate budgets: General (annual subscription EC $2,000.00), Colonel (annual subscription EC $1,000) and Major (annual subscription EC $500).  The Society’s Articles of Association shall be updated to reflect these changes.
  • Election of Officers: Mr. Michael Morton has been elected as the Society’s new Vice – President to replace Mr. Tapley Seaton, CVO QC, who has had to vacate the post to assume the role of Acting Governor General of St. Kitts and Nevis.  Mr. Ken Martin and Mr. Schneidman Warner were returned to their respective posts as Honorary Secretary and Treasurer.  Mr. Percival Hanley and Mr. Basil Woods were returned as Ordinary Member Representatives.  Mr. Walford Gumbs was elected as an Honorary Governor of the Society.  The matter of Corporate Member Representatives is being pursued in light of the inconclusive nature of the elections.
  • Earth tremors felt on the island during the period under review have caused the widening of a crack in the retaining wall at the Orillon Bastion.  While there has been no further discernible movement in this crack the Society is seeking technical assistance from the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and the International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) with a view to remedial work at the site.
  • For the year under review income from entrance fees rose to $1,132,825, a 20% increase over the previous year’s total of $944,290.  Income from banquet activity rose to $14,172, a 3% increase over the previous year’s total of $13,745.  Total operating expenses of the Society were $1,230,588.00 and total income was $1,341,063.00, a surplus of $110,475.00.


Cameron St. P. Gill, MA
General Manager





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