That the Brimstone Hill Restoration Society was formed by  Lieutenant Colonel H A C Howard (then Administrator of the Fortress) in April 1965, which was supported by then Premier Robert L Bradshaw.
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Visitors to the Hill - and there are more than 50,000 every year - continue to be amazed, and to enjoy spectacular views, and are able to learn much of the history of the Caribbean, as well as the geology and ecology of these islands. Brimstone Hill, however, is more than a stunning historical and architectural monument, with a museum, visitors' centre and nature trails thrown in. It is to-day, a viable self-sustaining heritage site with a staff of 20 locals. The Brimstone Hill Society is committed to a continuous programme of archival and archaeological investigation to better interpret, document and present the diverse history of the Caribbean for the edification of its people.

Beyond this role, moreover, the Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park Society, offers a splendid example of what can be achieved by the collaboration between Government and a non-governmental organisation with private sector and community support. There are many other sites in St. Kitts and Nevis: natural, historical, architectural, industrial and combinations of these. If properly developed, they can offer a much fuller picture of the country's rich heritage, build upon the knowledge, confidence and pride of its people, while creating a more varied and attractive tourism product.

The Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park Society can serve as a model for such development, and contribute from its store of experience, expertise and tradition for excellence. In the next thirty years, another generation may thus point to Brimstone Hill and the Fortress sitting at the top and upper slopes, not only as a geological wonder, an engineering marvel, an architectural showpiece, an historical monument, a symbol of strength and security. Brimstone Hill Fortress and the Society which manages it may well become known for the contribution by example to the social and economic development of a young nation.

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